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I'm a post-retirement Drama teacher, currently working part-time. I have a grown-up son and daughter, three grandchildren and three young children from my second marriage. I write - principally poetry but prose too, both fitfully published. My poetry collection Ancient Lights is published by Phoenicia Publishing ( and my translation of Blaise Cendrars' 'Trans-Siberian Prosody and Little Jeanne from France' (illustrated by my friend, the artist, writer and long-time blogger Natalie d'Arbeloff) is published by Old Stile Press ( I play bass guitar & bouzouki in the song-based acoustic/electric trio Moorby Jones, playing entirely original material. spotify:artist:07MDD5MK9MnRGSEZwbsas9 I have a dormant blog with posts going back to 2004 at Dick Jones' Patteran Pages - - and I'm a radio ham. My callsign is G0EUV

A re-drafting of a poem posted to this blog a couple of years back. Relevant then to me as I continued to make my increasingly cautious way forward into the years immediately ahead, it resonates just that little bit louder … Continue reading

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  THE HAZY WORLD OF BLAISE CENDRARS by LEE ROURKE from The Guardian, July 27th 2007 Reading Blaise Cendrars is like stepping into another universe. His fiction is unlike anything else I’ve ever read. His poetry influenced the mighty Guillaume … Continue reading

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WE ARE – audiofile

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I’ve suffered from chronic insomnia since childhood. That subtle, momentary wrinkle in the air as you settle into bed that tells you that beyond this point sleep is not an option. And then, recumbent, the staring across the room towards … Continue reading

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THE LYREBIRD I am the lyrebird, known as such               for the shape my tail feathers make in courtship. Yet I know nothing of the lyre. I am the mimic, the impersonator.     … Continue reading

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MOORBY JONES Steve Moorby : guitar/keyboards/mandolin/pedal steel/vocals Gemma Moorby : guitar/keyboards/drums & percussion/vocals Dick Jones : bass guitar/bouzouki One of the very greatest English singer/songwriters Richard Thompson was asked whether he thought of his lyrics as poetry. He answered: I … Continue reading

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