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Dog Latitude §6

From dawn to dusk,the pewter silver-greyof clouds that haven’taspired to the sky.We walk inside them,drawing onto our facesthe unrained drops.We’re comfortably dislocatedfrom horizons; paths aheadare vanishing points lostin feathers; red kiteswhistle the fields’ edges.I walk, you run the curvatureof this … Continue reading

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more like treading water here in the slack pool of night or a long walk to nowhere movement happening but no behind or before like didi and gogo my trudge is all on the one black spot there’s a sadness … Continue reading

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Dog Latitudes §22Some see Godin the suddennessof the sunout of a cloud.Surprised byan event so muchbigger thanthe monotony ofthought (the tellingof the sameold story ofdoubt and fear),they glory inthis brief giftof external light.For mewhen caughtunawaresI understandin the momentthat the lightthat … Continue reading

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Our band MoorbyJones just laid down the basic tracks for a song called Light is a Story. It’s to be the next single so a good deal of construction needs to be done over the next few weeks before a … Continue reading

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THE ANARCHIST CAFÉ Anarchists should open cafes.Spill the ill-assorted chairsand tables onto the pavement.Go heavy with the red paprika,shower down the black pepper.Have trans and Roma waitersto glide between the tables,taking orders couched as poems.Decorate the walls with graffitopics of … Continue reading

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MY DANCE PARTNERMy shadow could be any age,sharpened to a T bya stare-me-down sun.My sideways self glidingacross the straw and chafftells me as we walk ofhow things were, or howthings might have been.Like skidding down a slopeon scree, laughing, breathless,like … Continue reading

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The Barley

When I climb the slopeof Bottom Field, I runmy open palm throughthe stalks of barley.The little cobs are greenand the stems area ghostly blue andthose grouped antennaeare just junior whiskers.This multitude, though young,has buried the hilland is its own horizon.I … Continue reading

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What’s the riskwe take, wethe music makers,compared tothe dancer’s shifting,slipping grip;the penalty taker’sinjudicious shot thathits the bar;the climber andher crew loston the implacablerock for afinal hand hold? For us maybea clinker droppedacross a piece ofpristine harmonybefore a crowdwe’re tryingto impress. … Continue reading

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Dog Latitudes §16as if the houseswere to be drawn acrossthe loose earth on whichthey stand and go downas if the trees that shield uswere to shake onceand follow the housesroots up and branches downeach the mirror of the otheras if … Continue reading

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