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At the moment of her death         she saw the curtain fidget                 around a hint of starlight. At the moment of his death         he heard … Continue reading

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LOVE SONG TOO LATE was written some years ago after a particularly vivid dream of love lost many years earlier. Subsequently I took the poem’s narrative and wrote it up as a song. Co-writer Steve Moorby put it to music … Continue reading

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PHLEBOTOMY As I drive home my blood is talking to the man. My salts and spices are telling my story to a stranger. Confession in absentia. Unremarkable, that chapel with its scattered single pews. Then the curly-headed priest in white, … Continue reading

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THE FAMOUS FLOWER OF SERVING MEN by MARTIN CARTHY This is one huge post so I’ll kick off with the simple stuff. Immediately above is Martin Carthy singing a song called The Famous Flower of Serving Men. Please give it a … Continue reading

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