and do you find
you asked after
the first bottle
(hesitantly because
this reunion shared
only the fumes
of a maybe past)
that tears come
more readily
these days?
oh yes i agreed
barely a day
goes past without
you looked
into your glass
lachrymae rerum
you pronounced
man’s relentless
cruelty to man
as the default state
and far too long
of trudging that
same old road
more like riding
that same old train
i said
only this time
it’s terminus bound
with only the last
few stations to come
our waterloo
you smiled
kings cross for me
i said
and we laughed
you declared
potters bar
i countered
you intoned
finsbury park
i whispered
and we laughed
to tears
as we used to laugh
back when the line
stretched far ahead
and impatience grew
as each platform
glided to a halt
and we yearned
for the turnstiles
and the streets beyond

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february snows

it was an omelette
two eggs and some
chopped mushrooms
the cat switched his tail
as he always switched his tail
when the evening pigeons settled on the hanging baskets
one storey up
she poured a vodka
the last glass from the bottle
from the belgorod relatives
she watched some tele
a couple of hours or more
but she smiled at herself
in the mirror at bedtime
as she tried to recall exactly what
the news of course
always the news
so what of tomorrow?
what of next week?
what is certain?
february snow

the cat survived
cats always do
she didn’t

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Dog Latitudes §23 I look at my hands. The left, the little finger bent for keeps above the silver malachite ring. The right, the middle finger, knuckle tight as a well-turned nut. I close my fingers. Fists no more, just corky cages gripping only air. But I can play. Fingers still run the frets and pull across the four string stave as ever they have. Maybe the message that clogs the twig and severs the branch has yet to reach these far extremities. Or maybe it's the will that drives the fuse and will not be denied.
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Dog Latitudes §23

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Dog Latitudes §17

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Dog Sutra §88

depicter of flowers
curator of fruits
witness to birds

embracer of wastes
consumer of carrion
witness to birds
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Lost in the ether…

My blog is only accessible to me via my phone. Attempts to log in via my laptop generate the info that I have no current blogs with WordPress. Attempts to contact them directly have failed. Now, let’s see whether this has published…

Here’s looking back at you, kid!
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dog sutras

dog sutra §59

and the rain

fell in one

long story

we sidestepped

between trees

i tripped my length

into fallen water

and you chased

a hare

into a rainbow

Dog Sutras §62

the green barley
crowds the horizon
populous intense
as if to dig deep
and sway strong
when the indifferent
wind passes through it
these ecstatic dances
against the slashing
of the gold


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Dog Sutras §58







Dog Sutras §47

you chased the hare

a golden zigzag

covering the roots

and hollows

as if born amongst

bracken and moss

we waited

locked in time

i whistled and called

and you came

spinning in from

the wrong direction

hope intact

joy undiminished

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